Wisdom for Living

by Lilly Kamau


21 Each of the twelve gates was a solid pearl. The streets of the city were made of pure gold, clear as crystal.(Rev 21:21)

Gold is a rare metal in our world, a symbol of prestige and wealth to those who can afford a few carats of it. It is also among the strongest and most chemically stable metals and is thus used by billions of couples the world over to mark their marital status. The idea is that if you get at least 18 carats, it can last you both the lifetime that you intend to be together. Scientists say that at the core of the earth there are huge deposits of gold that we cannot access.  Many women find themselves buying counterfeit golden bling so as to appear wealthy and classy. All this clamour for gold we have on earth! Continue reading “CITY OF GOLD”



Love is a decision. Sometimes feelings of infatuation or attraction can feel like love, but they are only a fuel to love, not love itself. Therefore, in a very special way, we are not confined to marry the people we “fall in love” with, and we are advised to marry the people we can tolerate the most, because marriage demands to love someone, and it is extremely difficult to love someone you cannot tolerate. We often find ourselves drawn to people we do not like, people whose world-views we mostly disagree with. Maybe it is because of their sex appeal, or their sleek and well-packaged demeanor. We feel good when these people show interest in us. We even feel privileged sometimes! Continue reading “DATING FOR MARRIAGE- CHOOSE WELL”



In my career, I have found that the best thing one can do for themselves is to get a job, and always have another option. It gives you the power to say, “No Deal.” Getting another option is always the hardest task, but one that should continuously be pursued. When you’re in a job that takes more than it gives, don’t rest until you have found a way out. I listened to life coach after life coach talk about the key to a healthier happier life, and one main item I heard over and over again was, if you’re in a bad job, either start loving it or leave it. Get another one. At some point, although you may not have a clear path out, you start packing your bags. You start saving up. You start looking for options. There is a thin line between being disloyal to your employer and saying no to a bad deal. I’m not a career expert for sure, but from my experience, I know there comes a time when one needs to walk away. Continue reading “NO DEAL- WHEN IT’S TIME TO WALK AWAY”



Being single has been difficult for me right from the minute I stepped out of high school. I was 18 and I would get proposals left right and center. Some very eligible (or so they seemed) bachelors popped out of the woodwork and began to tell me how a good wife and mommy(!?!) I’d make. Continue reading “ATTRACTING BETTER LOVE”



Yes to the Dress(ing)

 Once again, thank you for stopping by, in my heart I’m offering you a well brewed cup-a-tea. Wherever you are, take one and send me the bill – think of it as a treat from me 🙂 .

Dressing can be a real brain cracker, and many of us really don’t know what to do in that area. Some people get invited into opportunities because of their dressing, and others get edged out because despite heavy qualifications, their dressing sends out a negative message to their target audience. Don’t be fooled- we all have a target audience we wish to attract, no matter how introverted you are, there are people you want in your life, and dressing plays a very important role in baiting these people. Bait is a good word because bait is attractive and often hooks us into people and places we never set out to go to at first. It’s not what keeps us there, but it usually leads us there and that’s important. Here are considerations that will help you to dress successfully all day every day.


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